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My name is Marshall Piens.

I'm a graphic designer based in the Fargo-Moorhead Area.

My Work


Scales: The Reptile Cafe

Brand Identity

Scales is a fictional reptile cafe located in Fargo, ND. This cafe aims to provide education regarding reptiles in a fun, non-intimidating way. The cafe uses a fun, jungle-themed atmosphere with light-hearted illustrations to mitigate any fears or negative feelings patrons may have towards reptiles. This project took place over the 2022-2023 school year.


Publication Design

Arkitekt is a magazine that presents modern examples of architecture. This magazine shares new and inventive architectural practices. It is aimed at students, professionals, and amateurs who value an informed awareness and knowledge of international contemporary design. The design of this magazine and surrounding branding is modern, sleek, and high-end. The contrasting organic and geometric forms seen throughout provide ample visual interest without becoming overwhelming for the viewer.


App Design

App design is one of the most demanded UX projects in the graphic design field. Each app has major features that aim to solve specific problems, meet users’ needs, or address their pain points. MNParks is an app that focuses on family outdoor activities in the national or state parks across Minnesota. This app aimed to provide information about the national parks in Minnesota. Pain points were identified using interviews and included the necessity of easily accessing emergency services and offline map usage. The design of the app is sleek and modern, making it easy to use. A muted blue and purple color pallet provides a relaxing atmosphere aligning with family values. Large buttons for emergency services and maps solve paint points identified in interviews seamlessly.


Human Rights

Poster Series

This series of posters aims to demonstrate two related articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document lays out a common standard of achievement for all people. Each article presented in this poster series relates to human rights surrounding incarceration. The background of each poster includes a collage of many news articles explaining how specific human rights have been violated. Overlaying each collage, a design illustrating the violation of the specific article is depicted. The grunge and punk aspects of this poster series, relate to how the violation of human rights is an extremely complex and messy issue. A dark color theme makes these posters extremely visually striking, forcing the viewer to examine the concept.


Elinor Coatings

Brand Identity

Elinor Coatings, LLC is a company which provides novel solutions to corrosion, degradation and fouling. Their expertise in materials and coatings is used to develop products that aid in protecting natural resources. Elinor Coatings prioritizes diversity, as the best ideas are achieved with a team of individuals with different backgrounds and perspective. Throughout various projects, I have updated the and streamlined the visual identity of Elinor Coatings. 

Fine Art

Painting, Printmaking, and Digital Art

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